The Amazon Odyssey
The Essence of the Amazon in a Four Night Cruise

This Essential Amazon cruise is especially good for travelers who do not have much time to travel in the Amazon, but would still like to experience the essence of Amazon wildlife and culture. Though brief, this cruise offers an authentic experience and one where travelers can capture the spirit of the greatest wilderness on earth. For a very detailed itinerary either download a brochure or follow the link to the Amazon Odyssey Full Cruise Description.

This Amazon Cruise visits some of the most essential areas to observe the wildlife and culture of the rainforest. Our journey includes travel on two of the most storied rivers in the Amazon, The Rio Negro where we enter and explore the southern area of a UNESCO World Heritage site (the Anavilhanas Archipelago) and the Amazon River itself. Over four days we walk in towering rainforests, glide along narrow streams deep in the forest, and explore flooded grasslands that stretch from horizon to horizon. Though a compact cruise, the Amazon Odyssey is able to experience the many different environments of the Amazon basin. (4 Nights)

Our Amazon cruises are the most thorough, detailed, and sophisticated trips offered in the entire Amazon.Our guides are accomplished naturalists and we see creatures almost never seen by other visitors. The trip is rather like being on a time machine in that we are able to visit places that have not changed for millions of years. Truly the trip of a lifetime.

Itinerary Sketch
Amazon Odyssey MapDay 1 Manaus, Rio Negro: Afternoon depart and voyage north on the Rio Negro.

Day 2 Anavilhanas Archipelago: Excursions into the rainforest during the day and at night.

Day 3 Rio Negro: Excursions in the forest during the day, at night travel downstream toward the Amazon River.

Day 4 Rio Negro / Amazon: Afternoon voyage to the meeting of the world’s two greatest rivers: the Amazon River and The Rio Negro. In the evening cruise upstream on the Rio Negro.

Day 5 Manaus: Morning disembark.

Please note that all of our trips are exploratory and we adapt the vessel course to maintain an interesting cruise. In the month of November and sometimes in October, we may alter the itinerary due to low river levels. This may include voyaging more on the Rio Negro than the Amazon River. But this does not diminish the cruise, instead it allows us to improvise in seeking interesting places to visit.

Where This Trip Begins and Ends
Embark: Monday, Day 1: Passengers meet our guide at 04:00PM in the reception area of the Hotel Tropical, Manaus, Brasil.

Disembark: Friday, Day 5: Passengers disembark at the Hotel Tropical at 07:00am. It is possible by

2016 Cruise Dates: Jan 04-08, Jan 18-22, Feb 01-05, Feb 15-19, Feb 29-Mar 04, Mar 14-18, Apr 11-15, Apr 25-29, May 09-13, May 23-27, Jun 13-17, Jun 27-Jul 01, Jul 11-15, Jul 25-29, Aug 01-05, Aug 15-19, Sep 19-23, Oct 03-07, Oct 17-21, Oct 31-Nov 04, Nov 14-18, Dec 19-23

2017 Cruise Dates: Jan 16-20, Jan 30-Feb 03, Feb 13-17, Mar 06-10, Mar 20-24, Apr 03-07, May 01-05, May 29-Jun 02, Jun 12-16, Jun 26-30, Jul 10-14, Jul 24-28, Aug 07-11, Aug 21-25, Sep 18-22, Oct 02-06, Oct 16-20, Nov 06-10, Nov 20-24, Dec 04-08

Cruise Cost, , 2016 and 2017
Green Category Cabins (double occupancy, per person) $1,580
Yellow Category Cabins (double occupancy, per person) $2,370
Blue Category Cabins (single occupancy, per person) $2,370